"As a small business owner for the past 15 years I have rarely had such good advice, guidance and quick thinking as I have had in my coaching sessions with Susanne Mueller. She intuitively understood where we were coming from and where we needed to go, helping us define our future as media business. She immediately unearthed existing opportunities we didn’t realize we had and she has an amazing knack to separate the useful from the clutter. I love her great sense of humor, boundless but well channeled energy and her gentle but firm guidance. I would recommend her without any hesitation for just about any coaching session where smarts, insight and big picture thinking are paramount."

~ Nina, Clockwise Productions Inc., New York.


“Susanne shared her global knowledge on Human Resources models and recommended reading with a group of HR Students. With her career in a Fortune 100 company Susanne has deep insights into global Human Resources with firsthand examples and hands on experiences. In just one webinar, Susanne took the students on global learning journey from 1911 Frederique Tyler, Hawthorne, Steve Jobs to today’s time where we focus on social media, technology and various models. She focused on models like MBTI, SWOT, SCARF, SMART objectives, Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U and creative innovation in Human Resources. Susanne wanted to make sure that we used the humane side of Human Resources in making appropriate decision in business. Thanks to today's webinar technology, this global collaborative teaching venture was possible!"

~ Gopal D Shrikanth (GD) -Visiting Professor Chennai Business School, India